MODELUX Electric Hyper Steamer - NTS
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  • During secondary reheating, steam temperature can be chosen from 120°C to 130°C 30% higher steam efficiency than a traditional steamer.
  • Set a timer period for automatic reminder window of boiler descaling. Over twice the set time, force descaling.
  • Automatic water filling of boiler to ensure constantly strong and fresh steam. After 20 times of water replenishment, make up to the maximum in one time.
  • Automatically or manually discharge dirty water from the boiler every time the machine is turned on to ensure steam is clean and fresh. Electric drain valve helps quicker water discharge from boiler.
  • From cooking state, press the heat preservation key can switch to heat preservation mode or after cooking into heat preservation mode automatically.
  • 4 built-in menus, each of which can be set to high temperature steam or not. Maximum cooking time is 99'59". Cooking only can start when chamber temperature reaches to preset.
  • Built-in heat exchange manifold system for energy recycle, so steam is efficient and abundant.
  • Heater and circulating fan for even distribution of temperature and food color.
  • Independent module control for uninterrupted operation in the event of equipment failure. Problem code is shown on the screen for maintenance
  • Product origin China
  • IP rating: IPX 4

Boiler for generating fresh and strong steam. Steam reheating to raise steam's temperature to 130°. Build-in heat exchange manifold system for energy recycling.Individual control for each layer, stackable layers for space saving.

Technical Info

Model NTS-2
Voltage & Frequency 220V - 240V~, 380V - 415V 50/60Hz
Power (kW) 4.4kW
Dimension (mm) 672 x 862 x 417
Time range (mm) 00:01 - 99:59
IP Rating IPX4
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